5 Tips for Finding the Right Contractor

July 23rd, 2014
By Jason Parr

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen, building an addition, or embarking on some other construction project that will require the services of a contractor? If it’s something that needs association approval, don’t forget to follow the steps of our design review process.

Once that’s completed and you’re ready to break ground, keep your project nailed down with five simple guidelines:

1. Reconcile your contractors’ objectives with your own. You want your project to be completed on time and on budget. Contractors want to maximize their compensation.

Design a compensation plan that, at each stage of the project, maximizes your contractors’ profits when they achieve your objectives.

2. Nothing drives down prices like competition.

Any price you obtain without competition will be higher than a price you obtain with it.

3. Write down everything you expect.

Effective competition requires a complete, accurate, and final definition of the goods and services involved in the project.

4. Use standard forms for your contracts.

The American Institute of Architects offers a variety of sample documents at www.aia.org/docs_default. Just realize there’s no such thing as a standard project and customize your contracts accordingly.

5. There is no substitute for professionalism.

An architect, contractor, or other participant in your project who has a track record of character and professionalism will likely demonstrate those qualities on your project. A participant with the opposite track record will probably remain true to form.

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