Why do I need Renter’s Insurance? by Joshua Nelson

September 28th, 2014
By Jason Parr

You have insurance on your vehicles to protect yourself and your vehicle in case of an accident but, have you ever thought about protecting your belongings? Those belongings that you have worked so hard for? This is where Renter’s Insurance comes in. Renter’s Insurance covers your possessions from theft and fire, but its coverage doesn’t stop when you leave your home. Renter’s Insurance covers your personal property in your car, when you go on a vacation, and even when you are moving.

It even goes farther than just protecting your belongings. It covers you if you accidentally damage someone else’s property or if someone was injured in your residence. For example, if someone trips in your residence and files a claim against you, Renter’s Insurance protects you for the claims made against you.

Additionally if there was an emergency and your building was not able to be lived in, Renter’s Insurance will cover the costs of finding another place to live in. As you can see, this type of insurance is very important and offers peace of mind, so you would think it would be expensive to add, correct? Actually, Renter’s Insurance can be offered as low as $12/month. My main goal is to make sure everyone I come in contact with is fully covered and protected. Please contact me today for a no obligation Renter’s Insurance quote to protect yourself and your possessions.

Meet Joshua:
Joshua Nelson joined Liberty Mutual Insurance at the beginning of the year and is based out of the Maple Grove office. Licensed in auto, home, life and annuities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. Joshua enjoys getting to know his customers and their unique situation, needs, and personal circumstances and enjoy helping clients by providing the expert advice they need in order to make an informed insurance decision. Striving to make the experience a good one for his clients, Joshua makes himself available for clients and be someone they like to talk to and work with. Instead of being just someone sitting at a computer, Joshua goes out and meets clients face to face and let them feel comfortable. Joshua welcomes individuals that are not even with Liberty Mutual to ask him questions or have him look over their current policies to make sure they understand the coverages and offer recommendations. Contact Joshua with any of your insurance questions and for a no obligation review at 763-273-9049 or Joshua.nelson@libertymutual.com. Additionally, you can connect with him on Facebook where he regularly posts excellent info like the post above.

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