Taking out that trash

January 24th, 2015
By Jason Parr

When it comes to getting rid of garbage, many condo or apartment dwellers are apt to simply toss their waste down the trash chute or into the dumpster and call it a day. But improper dumping can lead to stronger garbage smells and more mess in your trash facilities. So before you next haul out the trash, here are few simple tips on how to help the community keep its trash chutes and dumpsters cleaner longer:

• Make sure that any garbage you throw into the trash chute or dumpster is properly sealed in a tied-off trash bag. Not only does this reduce odors, it also helps prevent loose trash from blowing out of the dumpster or sticking to the trash chute.
• Please place your trash items in the dumpster; do not drop them off beside the dumpster.
• Never place hazardous materials such as paint, motor oil or car batteries in the trash. Visit search.earth911.com to find out where you can take these items for safe disposal.

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