Real Talk: Real Estate Choices after Graduation

March 2nd, 2018
By Jason Parr

As tuition rates continue to rise year after year, more college students are graduating with debt that will burden them through most of their twenties and longer. For this reason, landing a fancy job does not make a graduate want to spend extra money for a fancy apartment. While most millennials want to live in big cities upon graduation, the price that comes with city living makes cheap apartment seem to be the only possibility. For this reason there are several recurring patterns among recent graduates and their real estate choices:

Roommates: the more the merrier

After four years of roommates, students are used to living with random people. If doing this again for another four years means saving money, most people are willing. Having one’s own bedroom is definitely higher up on the list of things that are wanted, but price is the determining factor as to whether this is feasible or not.

Houses are not even a discussion

The thought of buying a house and adding to the already outrageous debt we are in is not a possibility. It is honestly scary to think about borrowing that much money and so it makes sense why you will likely never meet a recent grad who owns a house.

Google is a lifesaver

There are so many useful websites out there to help find a place to live within one’s budget. Apartment Home Living is a great example and is especially helpful when moving to a new city  or state, as many grads are. Reading apartment reviews is also so important so that one can avoid living out a landlord horror story.

Location/view are one of the first things to compromise

Obviously it would be great to have a view of the skyline or be right in the middle of the action, but either of these things will likely come with a hefty price tag. Graduates would rather be somewhere convenient, with access to local transportation and grocery stores. As long as there is access to the nightlife and upbeat atmosphere, living slightly outside the city is not a problem.

For affordable prices and trustworthy landlords, a great website to check out is!

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