Friday the 13th

April 13th, 2018
By Jason Parr

Happy Friday the 13th! Are you staying indoors all day to avoid seven years of bad luck? While I am not superstitious in a traditional black cat, broken mirror type way, I do have several things I MUST do whenever a big day or event are coming up. I am superstitious in a way that if my routine for a successful day goes unfollowed, the rest of my day feels unlucky. Whether it be a long day at work or a final exam, I must do the following:


I cannot concentrate if I do not eat breakfast! I will never pass a test on an empty stomach, not to mention that I will become very hangry.


As a college student, getting eight hours of sleep is pretty much unheard of, but not for me. I need sleep to function, especially if I am have something important the next day.

Brushing my teeth.

I can’t leave my apartment without brushing my teeth, so I end up brushing my teeth at least 3 times a day. I like having a clean mouth at all times, and needless to say my dentist loves me.

Triple checking my bag.

I know my calculator is in there, but I have to just see it one more time. I am crazy with making sure I have everything packed, and tend not to trust myself that I did it already. Checking one more time helps me to sleep at night.

What are some things you do to set yourself up for success? Superstitious or not, I think believing in something, whether it’s the supernatural or just a routine, is a good way to find motivation and keep on track with your goals.

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