Make Electronic Payments

Please email or call us for information on the ease and cost savings from having your payments made electronically from your bank account.  It’s free and saves you money and time.

The benefits of this service include:

  • Save postage and check costs
  • Save time of writing checks and paying each month
  • Improve your finances and know the date and how much will be withdrawn and when
  • Confirmation card sent to you upon request
  • Enhance timeliness of payments for building your credit rating
  • Free service
  • No charges for late payments

What you need to do to start electronic withdrawal:

  1. Email or call JSP at  651-324-2877 to have a form sent to you.
  2. After you receive and complete form, attach a check with “VOID” written across front of it, or deposit slip.
  3. Mail completed form and voided check or checking account deposit slip in the enclosed envelope to
    JSP Properties LLC, 1043 Grand Avenue, # 140, St Paul, MN 55105.
  4. Please allow 4 weeks for processing, so send your current month’s rent or dues remittance as normally done.


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